21 Savage Says Drake Doesn’t Get Enough Respect

21 Savage may not idolize anyone in hip-hop, but he does have respect for Drake.

In a new interview with GQ, the “Bank Account” rapper reveals his admiration for the 6 God, which is the closest thing he has to a mentor.

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“Drake just a genuine-ass good-hearted person,” he tells the magazine. “He did a lot of shit he didn’t have to do. He do a lot of shit for up-and-coming rappers, period. I don’t think he get his respect for that. Every fuckin’ year, he pull a new artist up. Ain’t no other artist on his level do that shit.”

Drake put 21 in his “Sneakin’” video and was rumored to be signing him to OVO. There were also rumors that Drake bought him a red Ferrari 488. “Nah, I bought it,” 21 says. “But Drake brought me one for my birthday to ride around L.A. He the only one that got me something for my birthday that year.”

He adds, “Hell yeah, don’t nobody else get me shit but Drake.”

During Drake and Pusha-T’s feud, 21 sent out a tweet, which many interpreted as his response to their beef: “I wish everybody come together and kill all this beef They want us to kill each other especially now since we young and rich.”

But he clarifies. “When I was talking about that, I wasn’t talking about [Pusha-T and Drake’s] beef. ‘Cause they beef is like competition beef; it’s more like who-can-out-rap-who type shit. It’s different,” says Savage. “If I beef with somebody, it’s going to be more than just a song. I’ma be trying to kill your ass.”