Azealia Banks Crowns Herself ‘Most Influential Female Rapper Post-Nicki Minaj’

Azealia Banks makes a bold declaration about her place in the rap game. The controversial rhymer has crowned herself “the most influential female rapper” to come after Nicki Minaj.

Taking to Instagram, the Harlem rapper penned a lengthy caption about her impact on the game, which she says is vast. “I am definitely the most influential female rapper [post-Nicki Minaj]. I may not be the most popular but definitely the most influential,” she explained. “My words are powerful. When I speak, the people ALWAYS react.”

In order to support her statement, Azealia said female rappers copy her “2011 aesthetic” and don’t always give her credit. She also went on to say that seeing this makes her feel sane. “I can 100% see the impact I’ve had on female rap culture,” she added. “It makes me know that I’m not, and was never crazy. I’m happy to contribute to the arts in whatever way I can.”

Banks went on to claim that her influence goes beyond newcomers. In fact, she said veterans she once admired copy her too. “I can see how my influence has inspired so many of the artists I looked up to as a child and so many artists that came after me,” she claimed. “That to me is the truest success. When I see new girls come up wearing the looks I wore and adopting my themes I feel validated. Like I’m doing the job god put me on earth to do.”

Azealia is prepping her next album, Fantasea II: The Second Wave, and a video for “Soda,” a song off her 2014 debut Broke With Expensive Taste. Preview the visual below.

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