Bhad Bhabie Blasts 6ix9ine: ‘Nobody Likes Him’

Bhad Bhabie is not a fan of 6ix9ine.

After saying she would “ruin” the controversial “Gummo” rapper’s career, Danielle Bregoli opens up about the beef during an interview with Rap-Up.

“He said the only reason I’m famous is because I beat my mom up,” she explains. “The only reason you’re famous is because Trippie Redd gave you a beat, so I don’t want to hear none of that shit.”

Just hours before the interview, the “Gucci Flip Flops” rapper lashed out at Tekashi after he claimed to deny a collaboration. “I will ruin your whole life and anybody in your life,” she said. “I’ll ruin everything for you. You’re scary. You’re a pussy. You got beat up at the airport. You’ll never see nobody in person ’cause you’re a scary-ass bitch. Scary-ass, lil’-ass boy.”

The social media sensation, who went viral following her “Cash me ousside” catchphrase on “Dr. Phil,” continued bashing Tekashi during the interview. “Nobody likes this artist at all,” she quips. “Nobody likes him.”

Bhad Bhabie also took a page from The Game’s playbook and denounced 69 for his “fake” gang ties. “The Game, YG, all of them,” she continued. “Come on. You’re talking about real gang people versus fake wannabe. This kid used to false claim Crip. Get out my face.”

Ultimately, Bhad Bhabie says this is a lose-lose feud for the rainbow-haired rapper. “He should know better than to argue with a 15-year-old girl anyways,” she adds. “Come on. You’re setting yourself up for failure.”

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