Chris Brown Buys Pet Monkey for Daughter Royalty

Chris Brown’s newest family pet is raising some “Questions.” This week, Breezy took to Instagram to show off a new monkey that he seemingly purchased for his daughter, Royalty.

The clip shows the smiling 3-year-old holding her new gift, which is a baby capuchin monkey, according to TMZ. “That’s your baby?” he asks her. “She gon’ be bigger than you, man. Y’all got the same size head.”

Criticism followed shortly after Brown shared the video with his 41 million Instagram followers. “Monkeys belong to the wild,” said one Instagram user. “this is insane! When your daughter gets bored of this monkey what will happen ? Nobody should buy exotic animals! This is horrible.”

Another user added: “Don’t you understand Mr Brown that keeping a monkey is NOT right, this little primate may have been bred in captivity but possibly it’s mother was stolen from the wild to be bred for this type of trade, your allowing this illegal trade to prosper by showing your fans it’s ok to have an animal from the wild as a pet, stupid little man.”

Despite the criticism, Brown has been celebrating his career milestones. Yesterday, he shared joy over receiving 40 plaques from the Recording Industry Association of America for songs off his discography, including his latest album, Heartbreak on a Full Moon.