Exclusive: Nick Cannon Wants to Empower Women with ‘Model Music’ Album

Nick Cannon is taking it from the studio to the runway with his next album, Model Music.

During a recent visit to Rap-Up HQ, the multifaceted entrepreneur spoke about his empowering anthem “Motivation,” which arrives in time for International Women’s Day. The song celebrates strong, independent women, while the video stars his 98-year-old grandmother.

“When I first started making ‘Motivation,’ it was pretty much just a chick record, but I wanted to offer up something different than just talking about the typical bitches, money, and ‘come rock with me,’” he said.

However, all of that changed when he thought about the concept for his new album, Model Music. “I feel like everybody can be a supermodel, everybody can feel beautiful,” he added. “‘Motivation’ turned into this whole inspiration of what beauty is, and it’s not the physical. It’s not the exterior. It’s really what comes from within.”

Inspired by his daughter and his grandmother, “Motivation” is set to appear on his forthcoming album, along with his next single, the Fat Joe and Luke Nasty-assisted “Only You,” which drops Friday (March 9). Cannon says the album will feature other “vibes” that play along with a consistent theme.

Model Music came from my lifestyle,” he shared. “It’s no secret that I’ve been attracted to models throughout my life and I have a lot of model friends. I’m always checking the playlists they listen to, checking the music, and a lot of vibes, I’m like, ‘That’s model music.’ When you think about what ‘model music’ means, it’s on the go, moving, traveling the world, strutting, flossing, drip, that’s how they move.”

Model Music is set to drop just in time for summer. “I’m trying to have the summer lit for 2018,” he said, “and spring break too.”