If You Don’t Know What A RedRook Is… It’s Too Late

You’ve got some catching up to do. Peep game below. But before you do I have to tell you something… You’re not ready for this audio trip. Thats exactly what it is… I struggled with coming up with the right way to articulate how incredible this… this… JOURNEY of music truly is.

It’s a breathtaking account of a boys broken life in a lyrically combative and vividly depicted composition RedRook takes us on a walk down memory lane except instead of the whimsical swishing willows your faced with forking dagger like branches scratching at your dying inner child’s spirit.

A heart wrenching tale of what its like to be left to fend for yourself in the cold streets of a rural Canadian town after a battle with drugs, addiction, street life, and bad decisions. The lessons he learned along the way, and also just some good old rugged rhymes delivered with a quadruple timed tongue.

RedRook truly is creating classics way before his time and we’ll see him on the come up for quite some time.

CLICK HERE to preview his latest project: “The RedRook LP”