Iggy Azalea Previews ‘Savior’ Video

After premiering her new Quavo-assisted single “Savior,” Iggy Azalea is ready to unleash the religious-themed visual.

Taking to Instagram, the Australian rapper shared a snippet of the clip, which features religious elements. She begins with a neon halo around her head, surrounded by neon crosses. The blonde bombshell also wears an all-white feathered top while surrounded by candles.

Amidst angelic themes and statues inside of a grandiose church, I-G-G-Y plays the role of a demon killer. At one point, she reaches out to a dark Grim Reaper figure and dissolves it with her mere touch. Elsewhere, she falls into a pool with baptismal symbolism.

The visual is meant to accompany her emotional track. “‘Savior’ is a pretty personal song,” she told iHeartRadio. “It’s more personal than I think my fans would be used to hearing from me. Usually, I’ll do a collaboration that’s more fun and upbeat, the kind of thing you can run to in the gym.”

“Savior” is a single off Iggy’s upcoming sophomore album Surviving the Summer. The video for the Quavo collaboration is set to premiere Thursday (March 1).

Hey guys! My official video for savior is out 3.1.18!!! 😊

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