Mary J. Blige Lost Money Making ‘Mudbound,’ According to Divorce Docs

Mary J. Blige is making some shocking financial disclosures in anticipation of her upcoming divorce trial with estranged husband Kendu Isaacs.

Recently, the award-winning singer and actress confirmed that she hasn’t made any profit from her work in Mudbound, for which she is nominated for two Academy Awards, according to The Blast.

“The film Mudbound, for example, has produced no net income for Petitioner, but has garnered her critical acclaim and award nominations,” reads an excerpt from court docs. “Pursuant to the Mudbound contract, the expenses Petitioner was required to pay in connection with filming Mudbound were greater than her salary.”

Additionally, Blige claims that she doesn’t own her music catalog and that she owes $25 million in advances that she has accepted over the years.

Although she acknowledges that her greatest source of income comes from touring, she adds that she isn’t able to “embark on a major world tour every year” because there is no market for her to do so as a “legacy artist.”

Blige says that the couple had $12 million in debt prior to the divorce and that she is still working to pay that off while Isaacs “refuses” to work. According to the report, she says he views her as his “bank.”

Blige is scheduled to perform at the 90th Annual Academy Awards on March 4, where she’s up for Best Supporting Actress and Best Original Song. The divorce trial is scheduled to begin next month.