N.E.R.D Performs ‘Lemon’ on ‘Ellen’

It’s the revenge of the N.E.R.D. The trio of Pharrell Williams, Chad Hugo, and Shay Haley paid a visit to “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” to perform their Rihanna-assisted single on Thursday’s show.

The group joined forces with a variety of social media influencers and artists, who danced throughout the “Ellen” set, including in the stairways, onstage, and behind the scenes, their social media handles displayed prominently beside them.

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Skateboard P also sat down on the couch with Ellen to talk about N.E.R.D’s latest album No_One Ever Really Dies. “I go through modes,” he said. “There’s method actors. I’m kind of like a method musician. I dyed my hair green and I knew we were getting ready to make another N.E.R.D album.”

Elsewhere during the interview, Station Wagon P said that he motivated Justin Timberlake to leave *NSYNC when he worked with the group. “I was telling him, ‘I think you can do this on your own,’” he said. “Not to squeeze anyone out. I just felt like he was in that place. He was such a leader. You could tell he wanted to call a lot of shots.”

Plus, watch Pharrell meet up with Demarjay, a young trainer who’s gone viral with motivational speeches.