New Music: Kodak Black feat. Lil Wayne – ‘Codeine Dreaming’

Kodak Black and Lil Wayne blast into outer space on “Codeine Dreaming,” a buzz single off Project Baby Two: All Grown Up.

Lil Kodak rhymes about Uranus, Saturn, Mercury, and Neptune before likening himself to Jimmy Neutron, the animated “Boy Genius.” “I took off on you busters, left you right on planet Earth,” he raps. “I feel like Jimmy Neutron, how I blast off on a verse / I know my son gon’ like this song so I ain’t finna curse / Know he gon’ wanna explore the world so I’m gon’ show him first.”

Meanwhile, Weezy heads out to the Red Planet on his verse. “‘Bout to take off on you peons and go back to Mars,” he raps. “‘Bout to leave these peons behind like the Jackson 4 / Tried to moonwalk on the moon and had to wax the floors / Tried to put me in a box and then I crashed the Porsche.”

Prior to collaborating, Project Baby dissed Weezy and challenged him to a fight. “Lil Wayne can eat my ass,” he said. “Tell Lil Wayne fight me. We fin’a get in the ring. We fin’a fight. Me and Lil Wayne. I’m fin’a knock that stupid-ass ni**a out.”

“Codeine Dreaming” is a cut off Project Baby Two: All Grown Up, the deluxe edition of Project Baby 2. Earlier this year, Black also unleashed his debut album Painting Pictures.