New Music: Pi’erre Bourne feat. Playboi Carti – ‘Yo Pi’erre’

Fans may know Pi’erre Bourne as the producer behind Playboi Carti’s “Magnolia,” but now the rising beatsmith is putting his rap skills on display with his newest single, “Yo Pi’erre.”

Featuring Carti, the new single is call back to “Magnolia” with similar ad-libs. Meanwhile, Bourne raps about his icy Rolex, being “up next,” and making instrumentals. Plus, he confidently announces his arrival.

“I’m outside,” he rhymes on the track. “We here / And I ain’t going nowhere / You should get to know Pi’erre / Yo, Pi’erre / Everybody want me to come out here.”

Bourne first broke out alongside Carti, producing six songs off the “*wokeuplikethis” rapper’s debut album. Now, he’s launched his own label, Soss House.

Back in June, Carti explained why he wants to establish himself as a rapper, producer, and engineer. “You just gotta be smart,” he told The FADER. “Even if I were to get boxed in as a producer, I would still find a way to drop my music and be a rapper too. I just want everyone to take me seriously for both. Take me seriously and be scared. I do everything, it’s all in here. There’s no other person in the room, and that shit scares a lot of people.”

At the time, he said that Kanye West was a major inspiration on these fronts. “I wanna be like Kanye,” he said. “I don’t wanna stop making beats for people, I enjoy that shit. I’ma always do that. It’s cool to see somebody really genuinely happy about a beat. I think I could honestly do both. I do like ten beats a day. That’s what really helped me out this year.”