Nicki Minaj Says Takeoff’s ‘MotorSport’ Lyrics Surprised Her

Nicki Minaj may have been able to approve Migos’ “MotorSport” before it was released, but there was a line in the song that she now says she missed on first listen.

“Take Off verse on Motorsport,” she tweeted. ” it’s my shit tho but ummm I feel like I didn’t peep them lines until the song came out. I was like .”

Responding to a fan who said he was glad that she “didn’t stop Take Offs bag,” the Young Money queen replied: “I would’ve if I had realized he was talking about me in that part.” Adding smiley faces, she wrote: “I didn’t peep that lil 5 letter word ‘nicki.’”

The line that she’s referring to appears during Takeoff’s verse on “MotorSport.” “If Nicki, she show me her titty, right hand on The Bible, I swear I won’t tell,” he rhymes. “If I get to play with that kitty, I wonder how many platinums we gon’ sell.”

“MotorSport,” which also features Cardi B, was released as the lead single from Migos’ forthcoming album Culture II. A video for the track is due Dec. 1, according to Bardi.

Culture II is due January.