PnB Rock Urinates in Hotel After Getting Kicked Out for Weed

After getting kicked out of a hotel for smoking marijuana, PnB Rock lived up to the first letter of his name, when he urinated all over his room.

The “Selfish” singer documented the destructive act on social media, posting a video that shows him relieving himself, spraying urine across the carpet and on a corner wall.

“This is what you do when they kick you out the hotel for smoking weed,” he said before laughing. “Fuck this hotel.”

PnB Rock then showed himself and an associate spitting on the bathroom mirror. He recorded two security guards and called them “fuck ni**as” while rhyming about how his “big ass gat” will “bust ni**as.”

Next month, PnB Rock will likely be visiting several other hotels on his “Catch These Vibes Tour” with Lil Baby, which kicks off Feb. 7 in Hartford and ends March 16 in Phoenix.