Rihanna Is a Fashion Icon in Vogue Paris

Last month, Vogue Paris unveiled three separate Rihanna covers for the December 2017/January 2018 Christmas issue. Now, the artistic photo spreads inside the magazine are being revealed to rave reviews.

Jean-Paul Goude, the legendary photographer who’s captured the likes of Grace Jones, handled one of the shoots with artistic flare, using his collage-style artwork to accentuate images and elongate body parts with surreal effects. It’s a trademark that he’s used with various subjects throughout his career.

An entirely different collage experience can be found in Juergen Teller’s work. While she only dons black in Goude’s images, she wears vibrant, colorful outfits for Teller, including yellow fur, salmon ruffles, yellow sneakers, and a red sweatsuit.

Rihanna Stuns in ‘Vogue Paris’

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Rihanna Stuns in ‘Vogue Paris’




Changing tones once again, Inez and Vinoodh deliver black-and-white only images of RiRi in a body-hugging outfit, inside of a beautiful home. The provocative and grainy portraits find Bad Gal in lingerie with a seductive come-hither glare in her eyes.

The magazine also provides an intimate look at a superstar who has shied away from interviews in the past. “I have a lot of trouble switching off,” she says (via WWD). “Even when I get home early, which means before 1 a.m., I start binge-watching shows or documentaries, which I love. I can’t go straight to bed. As a matter of fact, I only sleep three or four hours a night.”

Earlier this week, the cover girl officially had a street named after her in her native Barbados. Westbury New Road was renamed to Rihanna Drive in honor of the hometown hero.