Sir the Baptist Debuts Short Film ‘God Is on Her Way’

Chicago’s Sir the Baptist tackles human trafficking in his socially-conscious short film God Is on Her Way, premiering exclusively via Rap-Up.

The cinematic clip opens with Elizabeth, “a survivor of human trafficking,” who becomes the visual’s focal point. Sir the Baptist goes on to tell her story in the short film, which he co-directed with Sam Cahill.

But first, Sir takes a moment to address tabloid rumors. “Integrity doesn’t need a press release,” he says. “After all of this, I still managed to find someone that I can fall in love with. But there was this one moment in her life, a moment of honesty. She said she was kidnapped, then later sold to sex trafficking.”

Sir the Baptist sings about God’s pending arrival between scenes of their courtship and eventual wedding. “God is on her way,” he harmonizes. “She’s just taking her time.” Finally, he adds: “God was always on her way. I just had to wait.”

The R&B crooner-rapper makes it a point to discuss hip-hop’s role in sex trafficking from his perspective. He hopes the mini-movie sheds light on an often-overlooked subject.

“The way that we perceive love and the lack of focus on human trafficking in hip-hop culture has really gone astray,” he tells Rap-Up. “The emphasis is on a ‘foreign’ chick for music videos and using women as vehicles, instead of viewing them for the Gods that they are and the ones who’ve brought us into this world. I hope that this film can be one piece to shift the culture back to a place of respect and sustainability.”

“God Is on Her Way” can be found on Sir the Baptist’s 2017 album Saint to Sinner, which features appearances from Brandy, Keke Wyatt, Michelle Williams, Ray J, and more.

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