Skillz Disses Uncle Murda Over ‘Rap Up’ Beef

Beef pops off in the new year, as Mad Skillz takes on Uncle Murda. Following a feud over year-end wrap-up songs, the Virginia veteran fires off a diss track in the form of “Murda Gram” and he pulls no punches.

From the jump, Skillz appears to take offense to Murda’s latest “Rap Up,” in which he says that “nobody wanna hear Mad Skillz shit.” “Uncle Murda, what’s all the games about?” he raps. “Ni**a, keep my fuckin’ name out your brown-ass mouth.”

Elsewhere on the diss track, Skillz reveals a conversation that he had with DJ Clark Kent about Murda’s use of the “Rap Up” formula that he has been employing for years. “He heard your version of my song / He told you you was biting and you knew that you was wrong,” he explains. “But not for nothing, you was trying to make it better / And trying to reach out to see if we could do it together.”

That proposition added fuel to the fire. “I’m like, ‘Clark, ni**a, you must be faded / Why the fuck would I collab on some shit that I created?” he raps. “Y’all jaded, you don’t get the fuck off my phone / And tell that old face ass ni**a leave me alone.”

The disses continue with an onslaught, as Skillz reveals how his conversation with Clark — a longtime JAY-Z collaborator — resumed. “Shit lit my fuse,” he added on the song: “You wouldn’t call Hov and say, ’21 Savage wanna do ’22 Twos’ / Ni**a, would you? The fuck wrong with y’all? / Biting ni**as, I could never get along with y’all / A song? Nah, straight curvin’ ni**as / I wouldn’t even take a picture with Uncle Murda, ni**a.”

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The cover art for the song is a direct message conversation between Murda and Skillz. “You the PG version,” wrote Uncle Murda in the screenshot. “I’m the rated R version I didn’t mean to take ya shit it just happened but my shit be way better than ya shit you fell off my G.” Skillz replied: “Who is this?”

Skillz has been making “Rap Up” songs since at least 2002, while Uncle Murda started his “Rap Up” series in 2014.