Stream Saweetie’s Debut EP ‘High Maintenance’

Saweetie is making moves. Fresh off signing a major-label deal with Warner Bros. and dropping her “ANTI” freestyle, the California rapper delivers her debut EP High Maintenance.

The 24-year-old star takes center stage on the 8-song project, which includes her breakout hit “ICY GRL,” plus production from Zaytoven, Hassan, and Cash Money AP. The multi-talented USC graduate also handles some of the production herself.

Saweetie opened up about the effort back in December. “I do a lot of covers but this is the first time I’m actually doing original content,” she told XXL. “I leave the studio and I come home wanting to listen to really myself. I feel like that’s a good sign. If I want to listen to myself as much as I want to listen to Drake or Beyoncé, I feel like that’s a good sign.”

Get ready for autobiographical raps from Saweetie, who says she’s stepping out as an authentic rapper. “I would describe my music as very honest,” she said. “I just rap about myself, and not in a narcissistic way. I feel like I have a story to tell. I feel like a lot of young adults can relate to me, about some of the stuff I talk about in my songs.”

Stream High Maintenance below.