Teyana Taylor Says New Version of ‘K.T.S.E.’ Is Coming

Teyana Taylor’s album K.T.S.E. may have dropped on Saturday (June 23), but it’s not the finished product.

During an interview with Real 92.3’s “Big Boy in the Morning,” Teyana revealed that the completed version is due this weekend and will feature additional tracks and vocals. “Saturday, Sunday, you’ll hear the complete version of the album, which is the reason why it’s been a lot of mixed reviews because everybody’s like, ‘The album sounds incomplete,’” she said. “It’s because of those missing verses.”

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One song in particular, “We Got Love,” which Teyana calls “one of the biggest records on the album,” didn’t make the first version due to clearance issues. “The person who was on that had passed away,” she said.

The album release was rushed to appease her fans who had been patiently waiting. “With [Kanye], he just really wanted me to be happy and he knew that the wait was killing me just as much as the fans, but I don’t think he all the way knew that,” she said. “Yeah, the wait is killing me, but I’m also willing to wait [for the complete album].”

She also explained the meaning of her album title, Keep That Same Energy. “I’ve been in the industry for so long and I just remember when it was hard for me to even get a feature,” said Teyana. “There were very few people who really believed in me. Everybody always felt my swag, the way I dress, being mad cool and shit. But when it came to the music, I just felt like a lot of people was sleep. With this album, I wanted to have a lot of diversity. I felt like I didn’t have to ask anybody for anything.”

She’s excited for fans to hear the proper version once it drops. “Once you hear the album next week, you’ll see what I’m talking about because it’s way more completed. It’s just crazy.”