Tory Lanez Addresses Travis Scott Fight Video: ‘That’s My Dawg’

Tory Lanez has addressed a viral video that shows him asking Travis Scott if they want to fight. Taking to Twitter, Swavey said he and La Flame have worked past their feud.

“Me and [Scott] been got past this irrelevant ass argument a year and a half ago,” he tweeted. “that’s my dawg.” The post has since been deleted but not before screenshots were captured.

Lanez had previously addressed the altercation and their reconciliation on “Hate to Say” off his latest album, Memories Don’t Die. On the track, he recalls their heated exchange, apologizes for his role in the dispute, and says they resolved it by talking about potential collaborations.

Swavey has been asked about those lyrics in several interviews. “We almost got into that fight, and we made up and we were cool about it after,” he told Billboard. “He came in and spoke to me like 30 minutes after the situation, and we sat there and talked as men. We explained to each other how we felt about the situation, and I understood him at a different place, and he understood me at a different place.

“Hopefully going into the future, we could work [together],” he added. “I’m definitely a fan of his shit and I’ve told him on many occasions. I just wanted to apologize to him, because I was kind of the one who was like, ‘Ni**a, we fading.’ I was just kind of like, ‘I’m sorry.’ He came in the room to figure out the situation.”

Scott has yet to address the incident.