Tyler, the Creator Performs for NPR’s ‘Tiny Desk’ Concert

Tyler, the Creator takes over “Tiny Desk.”

By dimming the lights, adding blue, orange, and purple hues, the Odd Future frontman turned the “All Songs Considered” series into his own. It was the first time the show had been filmed at night, according to NPR, and it was also at Tyler’s request.

Backed by a live band and backup singers dressed in all white, Tyler kicked off the performance with “Boredom” off his Grammy-nominated album, Flower Boy. After drinking a “nasty-ass tea,” Tyler continued with “See You Again.” “Excuse my voice,” he said. “I can’t sing but I don’t fucking care because it feels good like a warm shower, I think.”

Finally, Tyler and the crew finished off the set with a performance of “Glitter.” “That was cool,” he said. “I guess we’re done. Thanks.” But before walking off, he continued with a speech. “I’ve only worked with one band and I fucking hated it and I’ve always hated rap music with bands,” he said. “I wanna hear 808s and not an Incubus kick drum.”

But his thoughts changed once he found his current band. “I’ve always been hesitant to even approach it but I found these guys and they’re really, really talented,” he added. “We just meshed together and it sounded really cool.”

Watch Tyler’s “Tiny Desk” set below.