Video: Dave East feat. Wiz Khalifa – ‘Phone Jumpin’

Dave East and Wiz Khalifa hypnotize in the Busta Rhymes-inspired video for their collaboration “Phone Jumpin” off Paranoia: A True Story.

The trippy clip, inspired by Busta Rhymes’ “Gimme Some More” visual, begins with a young kid in a ski mask watching television. His eyes become fixated on the screen as the video starts playing and eventually, he falls into a trance. Scantily-clad women and face-painted contortionists pop up in a warehouse, surrounded by static-filled television sets.

Directed by Sebastian Sdaigui and Fidel Ruiz-Healy, the psychedelic visual continues with even more dynamic imagery. With bats flying around him, a money counting Wiz bathes in a bathtub full of cash. Later, Khalifa and East rap on top of cop cars while helicopters circle above them.

“Phone Jumpin,” which samples Busta’s “Gimme Some More,” is a single off Dave’s Paranoia: A True Story, which dropped in August. Now, after unloading “Don’t Try Me” with Lil Uzi Vert and a pair of new remixes, the Def Jam/Mass Appeal star is planning to release a new project soon.