Video: Kali Uchis feat. Tyler, the Creator & Bootsy Collins – ‘After the Storm’

The sun is shining on Kali Uchis in the trippy video for “After the Storm,” her funky collaboration with Tyler, the Creator and Bootsy Collins.

Vintage vibes run throughout the clip, which was directed by filmmaker Nadia Lee Cohen, who helmed DRAM, A$AP Rocky, and Juicy J’s “Gilligan.” It begins with Kali, who’s eating a bowl of Bootsy’s cereal, full of its “Funky Flavor Flakes.”

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From there, the clip takes on a variety of whimsical motifs, showcasing a trip to the grocery store and solo shots of Uchis, with birds playing with her hair a la Cinderella. After planting Tyler, the Creator seeds, the Flower Boy begins to bloom from the grass, overcoming different seasons, and growing over time. Eventually, he becomes a Chia Pet-like person in a flower suit and the two have Chia Pet-like babies.

The song is all about overcoming obstacles, exemplified by weather metaphors. “We can find solace in the fact that we have to go through the bad stuff to truly get to the good,” said Kali. “Just because you’re losing at the moment doesn’t mean you’ve lost yet. The storm may be scary now but it’s how your flowers bloom later, and paradise is just beyond the rainbow.”

Uchis, who is on tour with Lana Del Rey, is prepping her debut album for spring.