Video: Wiz Khalifa – ‘Captain’

Mister Cap is the “Captain.” Wiz Khalifa takes fans on a behind-the-scenes tour of his studio in the sleek video for his latest buzz single.

Directed by Sebastian Maldonado, the “Captain” visual opens with a smiling Khalifa in front of his studio boards. Through slow motion scenes and static-filled transitions, fans take a walk around the lab, where friends gather and watch MMA.

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Standing in the mic booth, a shirtless Wiz caps off his catchy track with a sing-song chorus. “Lookin’ at me like captain / They treat me like captain,” he sings. “Know where I’m goin’ like captain, show up when I want like captain / Everywhere I go I’m the captain.”

Produced by E. Dan, “Captain” is Khalifa’s latest buzz track. It follows the video for “Letterman” off last year’s Laugh Now, Fly Later. Now, Mister Cap is prepping his next album, Khalifa Kush.