Video: Wiz Khalifa feat. Sosamann – ‘Best Life’

Wiz Khalifa is living his “Best Life” in the video for his collaboration with Sosamann, which is expected to appear on Khalifa Kush.

Mister Cap and Sosa live it up, smoking, drinking, and throwing money around a recording studio. While Wiz rhymes along to the track, Sosa dances throughout the space. “I feel alright,” Khalifa sing-raps on the TM88-produced track. “I’m just out here trying to live my best life.”

The Taylor Gang boss also references Khalifa Kush and brags about his exemplary ways. “I got that KK in my joint, you know it’s goin’ ’round,” he raps. “I get up on a track and show you how it’s supposed to sound / I come to your town, money get found.”

The “Best Life” visual was directed by Sebastian Maldonado, who also directed last week’s “Captain.” Both songs are expected to lead into Mister Cap’s upcoming album, Khalifa Kush.