Watch Birdman’s ‘Before Anythang: The Cash Money Story’ Documentary

Birdman reflects on life before the glitz, glamour, and fame in the highly-anticipated Clifton Bell documentary Before Anythang: The Cash Money Story.

The Apple Music exclusive begins with scenes from the label’s annual turkey giveaway, where Bryan Williams donated more than 10,000 turkeys to families in need. In a voiceover, the Cash Money boss reflects on the importance of the moment given his own humble beginnings.

“This is us now,” he says. “Eighteen years giving back to my community, my neighborhood, people that helped me, watched me grow up, that raised me, knew my momma, knew my daddy, knew my family, saved us, tried to teach us, and show us.”

Stunna continues by remembering that he didn’t always follow advice, but that he appreciates those who were there to help him over the years. “Being young, we just did what we felt we wanted to do,” he adds. “Couldn’t give, so we took. Uptown, everybody knows each other, everybody knows what everybody’s about. I love my neighborhood. I’ll never leave it. But I’ma bring you back. Show you the life, before we had anything.”

The film is a look into Williams’ past through interviews with friends and family members, recalling his rise to prominence from the poverty-stricken streets of New Orleans. It covers the death of his mother, incarceration, and the grind he overcame to make it in music, mostly focusing on his early days. It ends with a “to be continued” note, implying that another documentary might be on the way.

Baby is the doc’s narrator, but he also executive produced the film, along with Ronald “Slim” Williams and co-executive producer Vernon Brown. Watch Before Anythang: The Cash Money Story below.