Watch Chance the Rapper Host ‘SNL’

Chance the Rapper took over “Saturday Night Live.” While Eminem was handling musical guest duties, the Chicago rapper served as host for the first time, co-writing and acting in a series of hilarious sketches.

For his opening monologue, Lil Chano performed a new song, saying he hoped it would make him the “Mariah Carey of Thanksgiving.” The song, about “bad apples” joining Thanksgiving dinner, was a group effort featuring turkeys and cast members including Cecily Strong, Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones, and Pete Davidson.

Chance’s musical tilt continued with “Come Back, Barack.” The Boyz II Men-inspired video starred De-Von-Tré, a group comprised of Chano, Kenan Thompson, and Chris Redd. “Come back, Barack,” they sang to photos of President Barack Obama. “Even though it’s not allowed / We want you back somehow.”

Continuing the musical theme of the night, Chance was part of “Rap History,” a sketch about the age gap within hip-hop. With Davidson starring as SoundCloud rapper Lil Doo Doo, Chano, Redd, and Thompson returned as the fake late ’70s group, Soul Crush Crew. The skit also featured cameos from Common and Questlove.

Chance went back to school for “Career Day,” where he played the role of a high school kid celebrating his father’s coolness during career day. Things got a little out of hand, when he got so excited by the talk from a general contractor, that he stripped down to his boxers, before being sent to the principal’s office.

Sporting a flat top, Chance also participated in “Family Feud: Thanksgiving Edition.” He played the role of Cecil, a Steve Harvey lookalike, who turns out to be the host’s son. Later, he was a Gotham City local in “Wayne Thanksgiving,” a Batman-inspired skit about the caped crusader’s constant use of “excessive” force.

The show took an X-rated turn with “Porn Pizza Delivery,” where Chance played the role of a pizza delivery man, saying he’s got an “extra large sausage for you.” Then, he put on his “Sports Announcer” beanie for a hilariously uninformed take on hockey.