Watch Jimmy Kimmel’s Hilarious Parody of Drake’s ‘God’s Plan’ Video

Drake’s “God’s Plan” has already inspired many people to do good, but it’s also spawned some parodies. On Thursday (Feb. 22), “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” debuted its own version starring Kimmel’s trusty sidekick Guillermo.

In the hilarious “G’s Plan” spoof, Guillermo takes over a 99 Cents Only store in an adidas tracksuit. But unlike Drake’s $1 million budget, he only has $100 to blow.

After strutting into the store like Drizzy, Guillermo makes a very different announcement on a megaphone. “Today is your lucky day,” he said. “I’m gonna buy you one thing and only one thing for only 99 cents…You’re welcome.”

While Drizzy’s chart-topper plays in the background, Guillermo walked around the store handing out $1 bills and dancing through the aisles. At one point, he even made it rain on a patron after opening her $1 umbrella.

He didn’t stop there. While the 6 God gave away cars to different people, Guillermo presented customers with giant red bow-adorned shopping carts. Then, he gave a cashier a giant check for a whopping $96.16. “It’d be great if you cried and you would thank me,” he said.

Drake has been on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” several times throughout his career. Most notably, he dressed up like a news anchor for an “I Witness News” segment and performed in a music video for the hilarious song “Tweet Tweet.”