Watch Kodak Black’s 12-Minute ‘ProjectBaby Freestyle’

As if dropping multiple projects this year wasn’t enough, Kodak Black unleashes “ProjectBaby Freestyle,” a new 12-minute rhyme, live from a parking lot.

Holding a cup in his hand and looping a beat out of his car, Lil Kodak stresses the performance’s improvisation. “I’m freestyling,” he warns. “This shit right off the top, dawg.”

Throughout the impromptu rhyme, Kodak raps about a variety of topics, including incarceration, feeling “like an elephant,” his unmeasurable cheddar, and gonorrhea.

“All these models out here got a ni**a trippin’,” he raps. “All this gonorrhea got a ni**a drippin’ / Drop a ni**a like diarrhea when he drippin’ / Run up on him, then I tip ’em.”

In the middle of the rhyme, he tells the cameraman that he’s willing to release the footage without edits. “We can just upload that like that,” he says. “We ain’t even gotta record it.”

“ProjectBaby Freestyle” adds to Kodak Black’s prolific year, which has also included Painting Pictures, Project Baby 2, and its deluxe edition, Project Baby Two: All Grown Up.